How to Create an Amazing Webinar

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Over the years marketing webinars have gained significantly in their popularity as an important and relatively low cost way to engage with an audience and deliver content. Unlike a physical or “face to face” event that usually has a fairly significant cost; a webinar can be done at a much lower price and from almost anywhere in the world.

With more and more constraints on people’s time these days, the ability to both deliver and consume content in a more efficient and easy to engage with method is more important than ever. If you’ve never come across a webinar before, think of it simply as a presentation or discussion that is delivered virtually from a computer using a PowerPoint deck or other appropriate means via video conferencing software, often for 1 hour or so.

Webinars can often be referred to as a Webex, but this in fact is just one technology that you can use to deliver a webinar – some of the main ones being Webex, Citrix GoToMeeting, On24 and Brighttalk. We won’t go into the specific pros and cons of each technology in this article but all can be used to deliver an effective webinar event.

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In an age where people are evolving their habits and means for consuming content and the popularity for video type content having boomed, webinars can prove to be a highly impactful resource. If you’ve heard of websites such as Ted and other such platforms, you’ll be aware of how powerful and impactful this type of content can be. Here’s a few of the key benefits of delivering a webinar event as part of your marketing plans:

  • Webinars are relatively cheap and easy to execute and can be run from almost anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer, ideally a phone line (more stable than VOIP) and access to a webinar broadcasting account.
  • It’s much easier and cheaper for you audience to spend 45 minutes in front of their computer or mobile device than it is for them to travel to a physical event. Because of this the likeliness they will attend is increased if you’re offering them relevant and appealing content.
  • Webinars can become ongoing assets. With many webinar platforms you also have the ability to record your event. By doing this not only does the webinar become a marketing tool for those who attend the event but also ongoing as an on-demand asset afterwards.

If you’ve decided to run a marketing webinar for your organisation here’s a 6 key tips and tricks to help deliver an impactful marketing webinar event:

  1. Limit your webinar to no more than 45 minutes. 30 minutes with 10 minutes for questions (if you’re doing it “live”) can often be enough.
  2. Always clearly introduce yourself and your topic. It might sound simple but you’d be surprised how easy it can be to forget this part when you’re focusing on the content you’re about to present.
  3. Keep it interactive. Either encourage your audience at the start when you introduce the session or alternatively use the tools your webinar platform offers, such as polls and surveys to boost interaction.
  4. Host your content in the session. If your audience likes what you’re saying the chances are they will want to know more. If the topic you’re presenting links to your product/ services than upload things like sales brochures to the tool. Programs such as GoToMeeting allow you to easily add extra files that can just be accessible by participants – but not in a “pushy” or obtrusive way that detracts from your content.
  5. Keep it visual. Talking through a PowerPoint full of text is the fastest way to lose an audience. Keep your presentations clear and concise and don’t overload slides with too many words.
  6. Build a Next Step. Don’t just spend time talking through your content and then leave your audience with no clear way that you want them to follow next. Whether it’s highlight another event, promote something on your website or anything else, always give a call to action at the end of the session.

If you’re thinking about running a webinar for your organisation why not check out some of the platforms we mentioned above. They all have the ability to capture data, run great virtual events and much more. Last but by no means least, keep the content relevant and engaging and think about what your audience would value firstly not just what you’d like to tell them!

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