Top 10 Tips for Email Marketing

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Despite the continued growth of new technologies and tools that are available to an organisation these days, email marketing still forms a key part of most marketing strategies. Email provides an organisation with the ability to easily and cheaply communicate to a large audience and therefore can be one of the most valuable assets in your marketing toolkit.

Despite its widespread use it’s very easy to get your email marketing wrong, ending up with disappointing results or limited engagement. To help ensure you can get the most from your email marketing, we’ve put together our top 10 tips and tricks to help you boost your email marketing campaigns.

  1. Think from the perspective of your audience. Before you even attempt to build or send an email always think about the phrase “What’s In It for Me?” from the perspective of the person receiving it. Whilst from your perspective you’re choosing to send the email to try and promote something or encourage engagement, think firstly about what value will the recipient get..
  2. Your subject line is the first thing people see. It doesn’t matter how great the content of your email is, the thing that your audience will see first and will often determine whether they open it or not is your subject line. Whilst it can be tempting to try sensationalised subject lines to get attention, it can often be better to focus on just being clear and concise.
  3. Permission. You will always get much better results from emailing a list of contacts that have actively said they wish to receive your emails and signed up or opted in to mailing lists. Treat that permission as highly valuable though and don’t abuse it by sending irrelevant or lazy content.
  4. Plan out your cadence. One of the easiest ways to get your emails blocked or unsubscribed from is by sending emails too often to your database. Work out a plan of how often you want to communicate where you will only send content that you feel is truly valuable – think again about the “what’s in it for me” audience perspective. Whether it’s every 2 weeks or once a month be sure to stick to that plan unless there’s a key reason why.
  5. A/B Test your subject lines and content. We’ve written a feature specifically on this subject, but A/B testing can have a hugely positive impact from relatively small effort.
  6. Make it personal. Always try to add personalised salutations and information in the content of your emails. It’s a lot better to address an email to “Dear David” as opposed to “Dear Customer”.
  7. Don’t use too much text. These days everyone receives a lot of emails from numerous sources so ensuring your message is clear and concise is essential. Try to ensure you avoid the temptation to write too much in your emails – perhaps use more imagery, bullet point things or just keep it short! Keep it clear and keep it concise.
  8. Remember your branding. Emails are just another part of your marketing strategy and an extension of your company image so make sure the style and tone of your email marketing reflects your corporate identity. For more information read our article on this.
  9. Socialise the message. Encourage your audience to engage with the content in your emails by adding links to social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter or by adding links for them to forward to friends or contacts.
  10. Always remember to include a CTA (Call to Action). What is the next step you want the recipient to take? Are you encouraging them to read a blog, trial or buy a product, attend an event? Keep this clear and make it easy to do.


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