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Whilst there maybe stories in the news around the state of Twitter these days, there’s no doubting the massive reach it can offer for both personal and professional use. With an estimated 1 billion plus registered Twitter accounts and an estimated 100 million users logging in on a daily basis, Twitter can be a hugely influential marketing tool.

If you’ve never used Twitter before, or never used it from a professional/ business perspective, it can be a confusing world. To help offer you some insights and strategies to maximise your Twitter marketing and outreach we’ve put together some of the core principles to follow and a few of the key terms within the world of Twitter.


Key Twitter Terms….

Tweet = The name given by Twitter to refer to a post you will write and share via your Twitter account. It can be no longer than a total of 140 characters in length.

Twitter Handle = This is your @ name which will be used as the source of your tweets as well as the way in which other Twitter users will communicate back to you. If you sell kitten calendars you might want to create and create @kittencalendars as your user name. If you want to follow us check out @MAdviceBureau

Feed = The way in which all of the Tweets of the Twitter accounts you follow are viewed.

Hashtag = A hashtag (#) is a way for your audience to interact with each other on social media and have conversations about a particular subject more easily by referencing a specifically created tag or hashtag.

Like = Similar to sites such as Facebook, the Like function is where a user expresses their interest or advocacy for Tweet – by liking a users Tweet it will appear in your feed and be shown to other Twitter users that are following you.

Lists – Lists on Twitter are the way in which you organise the users on Twitter that you follow

Follow/ Follow = The process by which a user connects with another Twitter account to always see their Tweets in your feed.

Follower – This refers to a person or page/ organisation on Twitter that follows your profile

RT/ Retweet = This refers to the process of a Twitter account sharing a Tweet from another user and sharing it with their own Twitter list.

Tips for Twitter Success….

  • Create Your Twitter Page. We won’t cover this in too much detail as it’s a simple process to follow and requires you to just follow a series of fields such as creating a Twitter handle.
  • Make it Visual. This applies to both your main Twitter account page and your posts. Ensure your profile and background photos are clear, correctly sized and appropriate to your organisation.
  • Tell them who you are. Your account bio is a snapshot of who you are and why people will want to follow you or why you might be relevant to them. Keep it clear, succinct and relevant to what your Twitter account will promote.
  • Create great content. This principle applies to all marketing but is probably harder to do than with other methods due to the length you have to write – only 140 characters. Know why your audience would potentially want to follow you and make sure your content is relevant to them
  • Use URL shorteners. This is invaluable in the face of the small amount of characters you can write in a Tweet. Sites such as Tinyurl will create shorter URL’s for your post – for example if your webpage URL is this will take up a huge amount of your allotment. Use URL shortening services to reduce this down.
  • Schedule and Plan Ahead. Like all things marketing, planning ahead in Twitter is essential. Once you’ve created a content schedule be sure to map it out in terms of the when and where you will post. Tools such as Hootsuite can help you to do this easily without having to manually log on to Twitter to post.
  • Use hashtags. Hashtags are a core method for how users find content on Twitter beyond just those users who are following you. If you sell kitten calendars perhaps using #kittens #calendars would be good. Experiment with whats appropriate for you.
  • Try and engage back. There’s nothing worse than a one way conversation in real life so try to ensure your organisation doesn’t become guilty of that in the Twitter universe. If users comment or connect with your posts and content then try and find the time to comment or talk back to them.

Remember these principles at the heart of Twitter and you’ll be on your way to building a strong and engaging Twitter account that can be a valuable way to boost your profile and create new business or leads. Happy Tweeting!

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