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Nowadays it’s surprisingly simple to create a custom built website that looks both professional and feature rich. Creating a website used to be a nice to have for a number of people but these days it’s pretty much taken for granted that one exists if you wish to be taken seriously.

Organisations or individuals wishing to create their own websites without using a 3rd party or agency have a surprisingly wide range of options to choose from to get this done. When it comes to knowing which platform to build your website with, it can be quite confusing knowing which the best is or which is right for you. To help you decide and give you some insights onto the more popular options available we’ve put together the information below.


Wordpress Page Builder.JPG

Depending on which statistic you read, nearly half of the Internet is running on WordPress. Regardless of the exact figure it’s definitely true to say that WordPress is a hugely popular and widely used platform.

Key Features:

  • It’s free to use and very easy to get setup with a basic website. As with pretty much all options there are premium and paid for options – although still low cost – but the free version can help you create a professional site in next to no time.
  • Easy to learn. WordPress is genuinely very easy to learn and you can create a polished looking web presence without the need to look at anything like coding – it’s mostly drop down menus, click and select and off you go.
  • It’s very customisable with 3rd party tools. As one of the largest and longest running platforms on the Internet, WordPress has a huge community and support group available and a ton of plugins you can use. Whilst it comes with a load of tools, the range of further themes and plugins available is incredible.
  • Can scale with your organisation. You’d be surprised by some of the massive organisations that use WordPress to host their sites – eBay and CNN are just a couple that have used it for their websites. (We also use it for this site!)
  • Our rating 5 out of 5


Wix Website Builder.JPGWix is fast becoming one of the most popular web platforms available for self-build and professional websites. You can create a website with very little time required and have it online and good to go with their slick and easy to use designs.

Key Features:

  • Setup on the same structure as WordPress and offers a great set of tools free of charge but with premium features at a price.
  • Incredibly easy to use interface that gives you a short explanation and intro and then has you building surprisingly professional websites in next to no time. Changing the preset templates is easy and just requires clicking on specific areas to change to the desired style you’re after.
  • If you can’t find a tool in the default setup that you want to add, Wix has an App Market that you can easily use to add further touches and functions to your website with very little effort required.
  • As with others such as WordPress, Wix offers a range of ways to add ecommerce capabilities to your website easily. Want to add an online store or shop, no problem at all and very easy to do so.
  • Our rating 4.5 out of 5


Weebly Website Builder.JPG

Weebly claims to offer “Websites, eCommerce and Marketing in one place. So you can focus on what you love” and they do definitely allow you to create polished website with no technical skills or expertise required.

Key Features

  • A hugely popular platform with a reported 40m+ websites built using their software, Weebly offers some great core features and theme options via their free plan and a ton of pro features in their paid for options.
  • The setup is very easy to use and custom to suit your personal requirements and the interface requires no real technical skill to build a website that looks incredible slick.
  • The themes in Weebly are very responsive and look great on all platforms, including mobile devices – although we’ve come to expect that with all of the site builders these days.
  • The App Center offers a wide range of extra options that you can quickly add to bring a host of extra features and tools to your site.
  • Our rating 4.5 out of 5


GoDaddy Website Builder.JPG

Widely known for offering domain purchasing for those looking to buy their URL name or hosting a website, GoDaddy also offers site building tools to have you online easily and cheaply.

Key Features:

  • Easily used tools and templates can help you to work through a series of preset options and then custom to your own design needs very quickly. Their free options has around 50 themes you can choose from and then more available when you upgrade to a paid plan.
  • One downside to GoDaddy is that if you build your website on their platform you can’t then port it over to another hosting provider. This is the same with most of the web builder platforms, but it does mean you can change to a new hosting provider if required.
  • It could be argued that GoDaddy is maybe not as intuitive as some of its competitors, but the tools on offer can still build powerful and polished sizes with very little time required. The template options available are a modern and professional and look great on both a PC and a mobile device.
  • As with more other website builders you can easily monetise your site with things like Google AdSense as well as build ecommerce elements into your site such as an online store.
  • Our tating 3 out of 5

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