Assess Your Sales & Marketing Capabilities

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How can you assess the basic principles and capabilities of your marketing and sales skills without spending thousands of pounds, dollars, euro’s or whatever currency you operate in? There are a ton of agencies that exist these days to cover a wide range of subjects, some specialising in specific areas of marketing strategy and others that can offer you a broader range of services.

If you’re looking to try and understand the strengths and weakness of your own sales and marketing skills and competencies but don’t have the time or budget to do so via an agency it can be a frustrating experience. Our friends at AssessMy however offer a range of completely free assessments that are available on a range of subjects to help you analyse and optimise your own capabilities. AssessMy isn’t selling anything with these services – which is why we’re happy to endorse them and advocate their services – but they can give you some great insights with just a few minutes of work and self-analysis.

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The AssessMy system works by having you define your current capabilities against a series of preset statements in the areas or “module” you choose over probably around 20-30 areas. They then use a particularly clever algorithm at the back end of the tool to provide “weighting” to your answers in each area and correlate them overall. Once you’ve completed it and added your email they fire you out an 7-10 page bespoke report for free, which can be a really valuable tool in your marketing planning. We’d recommend that you use some of the intelligence from the AssessMy tool or other such sources to help you in defining your long term sales and marketing strategy.

Their assessments cover a range of service over a number of topics that include:

Channel Marketing – if you deliver any of your sales or service model through a channel network, this will help you optimise their effectiveness.

CRM Best Practice – CRM is a crucial part to both managing data and contacts but also as a way to track your customers and lead pipeline.

Customer Satisfaction – No one knows how good your product or service model is better than your customers. Find out how to best engage with clients and customers.

Enterprise Selling – Selling to big business and major enterprise organisations brings unique challenges and knowing how to optimise your sales approach to suit these is essential.

Marketing Automation – Few non marketers will be familiar with the concept of marketing automation but the principles of it can deliver massive benefits when deployed correctly. It can however be a costly and time consuming thing to implement so maximising performance of the systems is essential.

Website Needs – Your website is your virtual store front and represents so much about your organisations offering and brand so getting it right is key.

These assessments typically take about 5 minutes or so to complete and the only way in which you will truly get value at the end is by being completely honest about your own competencies in the areas that it lists. They’re not going to spam you with a million sales offers and so on if you complete one so it does pay to take a little bit of extra time and complete this honestly and truthfully – after all you’re only going to be lying to yourself with the results!

We trust that you’ll find these tools of use to help you assess and evaluate your own organisations skills. AssessMy also has a ton of other content and “modules” on numerous other areas that are well worth checking out.

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