4 Ways to Make Your Facebook Adverts Deliver

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With approximately 1.7 billion users as of late 2016 on the platform and an estimated 1 billion of those active on a daily basis, Facebook truly has built an incredible universe of social media. Currently Facebook is estimated to have a reported 50 million pages built for small businesses to promote themselves, yet only around 2-2.5 million are reported to actively advertise through paid for means.

Despite this being a small percentage of its overall user base, Facebook advertising has become one of the most commonly used space in digital advertising with approaching 10% of digital advertising going through its pages. With users reported to be spending between 20-40 minutes each day on Facebook (depending on which source you read) this is most certainly a pond that is full of fish all the time from a marketers perspective.

Advertising your organisation or business with adverts on Facebook provides you with a great way to target specific groups whether based on age, location, interest and other areas. The platform is rapidly becoming a real go to way of investing into digital advertising for awareness, engagement and lead generation. However, if you’ve decided to advertise your business with Facebook ads, you’ll still want to spend the same time and attention ensuring you can make that advert as successful as possible. So how can you help get more clicks on your ads and ultimately more ROI?

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Don’t try and put your advert in front of the world!

Yes, yes we know it can be tempting to try and use the massive reach that Facebook can offer you to try and put your advert in front of the biggest volume it can offer you. Unless your product/ service is truly unique to the point where anyone and everyone will want it, perhaps think about narrowing things down a little.

When you create an advert with Facebook, their advert manager tool makes it remarkably easy to filter and segment down your audience based upon a ton of things including:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geographic location and radius
  • Interests and hobbies

By making the most of this functionality – which you’re not paying more for – you can carefully choose an audience that matches you really core target market for your business.

Surely you’d rather put your advert in front of 100 people that were the right audience to engage or buy from you, rather than 1000 than you’re not sure about? If your business is based in a specific region then you should definitely capitalise on the geographic radius to pick areas relevant to you.

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Choose the right image

It might seem obvious but choosing the right image to make up the core of your Facebook advert is extremely important. Facebook itself actually blocks adverts from running that have too much text in them as they know they just don’t perform very well. Yes that’s right, Facebook actually wants to share it’s knowledge with you and help you to get the best out of your advertising.

When it comes to knowing what image is right there’s a few things that you’ll want to try and keep in mind:

  • Will the image get your audience’s attention and will it stand out from the noise? Just because you’ve carefully chosen the audience you want your advert to appear in front, that doesn’t mean they’ll automatically see it. That audience is going to be served up with a lot of the usual Facebook goodies such as posts from friends, pictures of last night’s dinner, cat videos and of course other adverts.
  • Quite often an advert that uses an overall light image or background that then has a bold/ stronger contrasting message works really well. Alternatively something unique or particularly eye catching works well. Just think about your advert from the perspective of your audience.
  • Why not try opening Facebook and scrolling through it as you might typically do for 10 minutes and see which adverts you think stands out. What makes them stronger than others and what caught your attention?


Get your headline right

Whilst it’ll be the image in the main advert that gets the attention of your audience, it’s the headline itself that will get them to act on it, more often than not. Your headline is going to be the part of your advert that tells the reader why they should engage with your advert and what’s in it for them – clearly and compellingly.

Numerous statistics and reports show that keeping a headline more succinct and to the point is a much more effective way to write a headline than a longer more descriptive one. Think about it like this… if you walked past someone in the street and without either of you stopping, wanted to tell them about their business in a short sentence that would get their attention, how would you do it?

Keep it clear and concise but appealing to the audience in that they see the value in engaging with your advert.

If you’re promoting your business overall, then your advert is going to want to try and instil the core value of it in a pretty short sentence. Choosing to focus on a specific message or purpose is going to be much easier to convey than trying to explain a 2 hour movie in 2 seconds.


Make sure you have your call to action clear

The entire purpose of creating an advert is that you want the audience to engage with it, click on it and ultimately take the action that you’d been hoping for. Well the only way that’s going to happen on a consistent basis is if you’ve got the CTA (Call to Action) clearly defined within your advert.

If you’re a restaurant and you’re offering a discount such as 10% of meals that week, make that clear. If you’re selling a book or a guide to something, you want your advert to say try/ buy now and where to go from there. Keeping your CTA is really essential because it’s ultimately going to be the reason why someone engages with your advertising.

Similar to writing a headline it can be tempting to try and convey the maximum amount of information in the space you have available. Remember though, the person seeing the advert is going to have it in front of them for perhaps a matter of seconds – or even less. Keeping your content and CTA clear will ensure that you make the most of this brief window of time to hook them in effectively.


Now these are just 4 of the ways you can help boost the success of your Facebook advertising campaigns, but they’re not the only ones. Be sure to use the reporting tools available within Facebook to help you monitor the success of your adverts. Don’t be afraid to make changes and pause the campaign to optimise it. Facebook’s advert manager allows you to do this for a reason and they want you to succeed so be sure to use all of the tools and functions available to help you do just that.

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