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My name is Chris Willman and I created The Marketing Advice Bureau to help organisations of all sizes to optimise their marketing strategy and boost the results they get. I’ve spent the last 10+ years in senior marketing positions for some of the most forward thinking and notable brands in the IT and technology industry.

I regularly discuss approaches to marketing and business strategy with contacts and friends who run their own businesses, as well as leaders of a range of organisations both big and small. Time and again I find that marketing is both significantly misunderstand in how to approach it and also confusing to the non marketing specialist. Because of this a lot of companies and organisations often waste their marketing budgets on activities and plans that don’t deliver the returns they were hoping for or they fail to know how to approach things differently. When this comes to entrepreneurs, startups and growing businesses, these sorts of set backs can actually cripple the growth of an exciting business and with an estimated 80% of new businesses failing in under 18 months it’s a big problem. So, in an effort to help utilise some of my own knowledge and reduce the confusion and complexity in marketing and support organisations of all shapes and sizes, The Marketing Advice Bureau was born.

Our advice, resources and guides are designed to help anyone from a startup or a small business through to an established organisation to learn more about delivering exceptional marketing. We aim to try and make even the most complex aspects of marketing strategy understandable and ensure that you are able to build a more effective, long term plan for your organisation to maximise the return on your time and investment.

Whilst we hope that you find the information contained to be beneficial to you and your organisation and feel confident that the information contained to be relevant, the information can only serve as a guide. Should you require more assistance from us please feel free to reach out to a member of the team or ask our community.

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Successful Marketing,

Chris Willman

Founder, The Marketing Advice Bureau

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